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Leftover Roasted Chicken Broth

Bone broths and stocks have been used for centuries as both a mealtime staple and a nourishing powerhouse. Making bone broth helped our ancestors ensure that no part of a hard-earned meal went to waste. Bones, marrow, tendons, ligaments, even the feet of the animal were boiled ...

Happy Belly Oats

Not only will steel cut organic oats & raspberries keep you full till lunch, they are full of dietary fiber known as “beta-glucans”, which are great for digestive health & have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Some days are better than others, digest...

Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Not only are zucchini noodles a healthy, gluten-free, low-calorie and low-carb option to replace pasta, but their mild flavor can easily adapt to a wide range of flavors, including the heap of lemon, garlic and bone broth you’ll find in this recipe. This recipe is both ...

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What is Digestive Health?

           Your digestive system is an intricate bodily structure made up of millions of moving parts that all have to be working seamlessly together in order to give you effortless, painless digestion. Digestive health focuses on the different causes of digestive disorders that can arise from just one of those million parts going awry.  Some of the more common gut disorders include: heartburn/GERD, IBS, leaky gut, gastritis, Crohn’s, ulcers plus many others. Typical symptoms that those plagued with gastrointestinal problems experience are usually: bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, cramps, and even bad breath or dental problems. Often times, digestion remedies for these sometimes debilitating issues are resolved through lifestyle changes, such as limiting certain nutrients while increasing others. The digestive system is one of the most important bodily processes, since it controls whether or not you are receiving the fuel that every part of you (even the far-reaching parts) needs to function at optimal capacity. Anything short of optimal capacity leads to a lesser quality of life and can even lead to other conditions like obesity, anxiety or other mental health disorders, diabetes, even certain types of cancer. Thankfully, as more and more serious health conditions are associated to digestive problems a greater focus in the professional medical community has started to shift towards solving these gut problems.

          However, despite the spotlight shining on digestion, there is never truly a clear cut solution discerning what causes digestive problems exactly. With so many different bodies, different lifestyles, and different diets, even specialists are sometimes dumbfounded when it comes to diagnosing a gastrointestinal illness. From proper nutrient absorption, to a skewed balance of gut bacteria to fluctuating weight loss there are hundreds of causes that could be applied to each of these. Only you can put your health first and make the changes and decisions necessary to get your system back to functioning smoothly and feeling amazing once again.

How Digestive Center Can Help

          Which brings us here, to the number one online digestive health center that is current and up to date with the latest research and news. First of all well done on getting here! You will find within these pages helpful recipes, blog articles and potential products that will help replenish your digestive system and make you feel normal again. Our blog goes into deep detail about dealing with painful IBS symptoms and different tips you can start applying today to help you minimize stress and feel like yourself again. We also have countless of delicious recipes for the digestion-minded chef and of course product pages filled with information about why we chose specific ingredients based on research and proven results.  So even if our products aren’t your cup of tea, you can still find the product pages useful, as they hold valuable information on different stomach-settling nutrients that you can look for elsewhere. Because at the end of the day, the Digestive Center was created to offer comprehensive resources for anyone looking to learn more about their digestive symptoms. Numerous expert digestive specialists all over the world have contributed to our website and the Digestive Center products have changed the lives of thousands of people in extraordinary ways. Our products do more than simply help digestion: they are also meant to help free people physically and psychologically from the frustration and financial burden of dealing with painful stomach issues day after day. Whether you’re here because you’re wrought with pain from intestinal ailments and looking for information on what it could be or you’re trying a cleanse to reset your colon health, it is the mission of the Digestive Center to provide information, support and be as much of a help as possible so together we can overcome your gastrointestinal problems.