Active Restore Ingredients Review

The digestive system can be a labyrinth riddled with booby traps ready to spring out at an unsuspecting victim, like pools of acidic juices lurking in your stomach or bubbling into your esophagus or hostile bacteria invading your bowels. These obstacles are maneuverable as long as you have an Indiana Jones-savior to guide your nutrients to the promised land of proper absorption. And that’s exactly what Active Restore is, the Indiana Jones to your digestive system’s bewildering maze. The all-encompassing digestive support supplement is not only going to help breakdown blockages, repel toxic liquids, and fight bad bacteria, but it’s going to do so quickly and easily. Active Restore keeps your digestive system functioning smoothly and enhances your immune system with almost no effort needed on your part, thanks to its revolutionary formula composed of the three most vital nutrients for gut-health.

In this article, we will delve into each of the three nutrients contained within the ground-breaking Active Restore and provide thorough explanation to the extraordinary formula. With this in-depth review, you can see for yourself why Active Restore receives the momentous acclaim that it does and why these nutrients are so extremely effective at paving the way for optimal, effortless digestion.

3 Vital Ingredients

Mastic Gum 400mg – This is by far the most essential ingredient packed within the capsules of Active Restore. Mastic Gum is a hardened resin derived from the Mastic Tree (pistacia lentiscus), a flowering plant that only grows on the Mediterranean Island of Chios. Long beheld as a wonder herb among the ancient Greeks, this coveted nutrient has been used for thousands of years as a digestion and oral care aid. It is currently only harvested and distributed by a resourceful coalition of medieval villages called the “Mastichochoria”, making it a rare and often difficult to obtain crop. The benefits of this sap are numerous as hundreds of studies have proven a wide range of positive effects, from its anti-inflammatory properties to its ability to prevent prostate cancer to of course, enhancing digestion. This study conducted in 2007 evaluated the impact of mastic gum on patients with Crohn’s Disease, a common form of Irritable Bowel Disease and a compromised digestive system. The results showed those who were treated with Mastic severely decreased their inflammatory symptoms. While more research was suggested, the supplemental treatment proved extremely beneficial for those suffering from digestive and inflammation-induced issues. In a 2015 review of Mastic Gum, it was found that treating Crohn’s Disease with mastic gum reduced random cell migration and chemotaxis among microphages and acted as an immunomodulatory. To put it simply, mastic gum effectively reduced inflammation and boosted the immune system. Mastic gum also proved in this study conducted in 2016, to lower cholesterol levels and alleviated fatty liver damage. Mastic gum works wonders as an immune system booster but it also aids in the destruction of H. Pylori. H. Pylori is the pesky bacteria known to cause stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, and severely disturbing bad breath. That’s right, Mastic Gum is an alternative herb to enhancing oral care and may even help fight and prevent cavities. After reviewing the soaring number of benefits on such a wide range of body systems, it’s no wonder this exotic, sought-after nutrient is the number one essential ingredient of Active Restore.

Bromelain 400mg- Bromelain is the second most essential ingredient contained within Active Restore. It is a combination of natural proteins extracted from the stem and fruit of the pineapple that include a lineup of powerful proteolytic enzymes. These proteolytic enzymes are tremendously adept at breaking down nutrients and ultimately aiding in nutrient absorption. Not only does bromelain effectively breakdown nutrients, but it’s commonly as an anti-inflammatory agent, particularly for proteins, and zeroes in on breaking up lactic acid. It also strips viruses and other pathogens of their protective protein coating, which makes it easier for the immune system to attack and remove, keeping you healthy and happy. Included in these defenseless pathogens is the dreaded E coli. As proven in this study here, Bromelain was able to protect the test subjects from E. Coli by removing the adhesion capabilities to the lining of the intestinal wall and sending it on it’s way out through the waste system. Bromelain has long been extensively researched since ancient peoples stumbled upon the benefit of consuming pineapples and even using it as a topical serum for wounds and sore muscles. As a native fruit to the Americas, pineapple has been used in holistic medicine by the Indians of Middle and South Americas as first reported by Charles de Rochefort. Rochefort was a French missionary sent to the Caribbean in 1605 who claimed that it,

“…refreshes the spirit and calm the heart. It strengthens the stomach, heals uneasyness and is an appetizer. People suffering from stones get relief instantly, and it neutralizes toxins.” -Steven J. Taussig and Stanley Batkin, “Bromelain, The Enxzme Complex of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) ant its Clinical Application”, pages 191-203)

Since those archaic times, modern science has supported these claims with an overwhelming trove of medical studies. A comprehensive review of Bromelain compiled in 2016, sifted through the current research determined findings to be conclusive and Bromelain to be a pretty incredible compound.

Lactobacillus acidolphus and Bifidobacterium bifidium 20 Billion CFU– These are the two most important beneficial probiotic strains proven to eliminate symptoms of a compromised digestive system, such as diarrhea , high cholesterol , bloating and other digestive discomfort.

They also drastically improved the quality of life of test subjects in this particular study conducted in 2011. Probiotics are all the rage these days and while the research is definitely there backing up these bad bacteria fighting microorganisms, the quality of the product is extremely important. Manufacturing live bacteria cultures is a difficult task and many brands cut corners resulting in a lacking, useless supplement. Probiotics are easily killed if exposed to heat, light, and moisture – three elements that frequently occur during encapsulation, production and not to mention shipping. Meaning, if a company wants to speed up production and use a machine, the bacteria will die. If they are packaged in a cheap plastic bottle without a desiccant to absorb moisture, the bacteria will die. Many companies also throw useless strains in there that can be considered live bacteria cultures, but they don’t actually DO anything and are no better than a synthetic additive. The Digestive Center facilities tasked with our Probiotics production take extreme measures to ensure that the live cultures are live, pure and ready to hit your small intestine with gusto. The result is a far more superior product than anything else available that we have tested so far.

Ultimately, Active Restore is one of the Digestive Center’s most popular products and has made an amazing impact on thousands of people’s lives, some even writing back hailing it as a “miracle product”. While the insane benefits customers experience can by all means be considered miraculous, it’s all due to the digestion-targeted nutrients packed within Active Restore, no other-worldly miracles needed. Want to experience it for yourself? Join thousands of others now by heading to our order page here and get ready to experience restored, effortless digestion like never before!

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