Our Mission

The long term objective of Digestive Center is to improve the digestive health and immune health of Americans. If possible, we aim to accomplish this first through educating Americans on how they can eat healthier and lifestyle changes they can make to never have these any issues in the first place. For those we suffering from more severe digestive issues, we aim to offer non invocive natural remedies, herbs and supplements that have been used for centuries to help alliviate digestive and immune issues. If these 2 options are not enough, we aim to work with your healthcare provider to offer microbiome testing (launching 2019). Those microbiome testing, we can offer you healthcare provider better insight of what’s happening in your micro gut biome.

Our Guarantee to You

The Digestive Center takes pride in the quality of our products, but, most of all, we thrive in helping you overcome your digestive issues. That’s why all our products are covered with a 90-day industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. So, you have enough time to experience the full benefit of your newly-acquired digestive support product and discover how it works for you. We are so confident that our products will promote a positive change in your health, that we’ll happily grant you an unheard of courteous 100% money-back within 90 days if you were anything but completely satisfied. No questions asked.

We Value You

The Digestive Center’s highly trained customer service staff will warmly answer any question you may have, via email at [email protected] or a phone call at (800) 425-2059. They can also help you choose the right supplement for you, or take your order over the phone. The Digestive Center is proud to give industry-leading customer service. Our high standard of dedication matches our high standard of product quality.

Our Facilities

All of the Digestive Center’s digestive support supplements are formulated and bottled in a FDA-registered laboratory, using the best ingredients from the most ethical sources, and following strict compliance guidelines with the FDA and cGMP. Each batch undergoes 3rd-party testing to ensure purity, quality, and conformity to the label, so you get exactly what the label says, nothing else.


Quality Ingredients Backed by Scientific Research

All of the Digestive Center’s products are custom-formulated on years of research. We study natural and traditional remedies from all around the world, analyze the scientific validity of each of their ingredients, then develop the best natural solutions to help you improve your digestive issues. Our goal is to make these formulas both high-quality and affordable, so you can easily and naturally transform your health and live a long, and happy life.