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The only microbiome test where we work with you one on one.

At Microbiome Restore we do more than simply turn over a few stones looking for a solution to your digestion. We turn over TRILLIONS of them. With our exclusive Microbiome Gut Flora Testing Kit we collect, study, and decipher the meaning inside your gut flora.

Your gut is your guide. Or, more to the point, our guide, toward helping you figure out the best diet JUST FOR YOU.

Product Info

  • Diet prescribed by Nutritionist from your microbiome results*
  • Actual one on one consultation with a Nutritionist regarding your health goals*
  • How your microbiome compares to others*
  • Identify your bacteria populations*
  • CAP Accredited and CLIA Certified laboratory in the USA*


  • Specific diet written for you based on your goals whether you want to lose weight, improve your gut health, reduce your bloating or gain more energy even at a later age*
  • Learn if your gut flora is healthy or not and what to do about it*
  • Explore how your gut health relates to your energy levels, mood, metabolism, digestion, and specific steps to optimize your overall health*

*Individual Results May Vary

Four Simple Steps

The Science

A microbiome are microorganisms in a particular environment.
The microbiome which is your gut flora has over a trillion microorganisms all working inside you.

In less than ten years, scientific understandings from the evidence in our gut microbiome has increased exponentially. The direct interactions between our gut microbiome and our digestive system has led to discoveries that may change the way patients are diagnosed and treated for centuries to come. Clinical Studies have shown a direct connection between your gut microbiome and your gastrointestinal, and immune systems. The Data mined from these studies reveal amazing opportunities for target treatments of many extreme gastrointestinal disorders, including IBS, Crohn’s, C-Diff, as well as a variety of more common causes of diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.

Further study of our gut microbiome has shown promising potential in the fields of everything from neurologic, psychiatric, Parkinson’s, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders.

In terms of gut specific study, microbiome replenishment of good bacteria has even shown incredible promise when it comes to Obesity and Food Addiction. Simply stated: the answer is inside you.

Our team of scientists have created a system that is as individualized as it gets. To say the diet derived from your Microbiome Restore Kit is tailor made is an understatement, as it’s made and mapped from the unique microbiome inside of each specific (stool) donation

Start taking care of your digestive health today.


Frequently Asked Questions

A lot. The answers your gut flora provides is literally in the trillions. Scientists are mapping gut flora to study everything. Answers to issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and cramping can all be found in what your gut flora tells us.

In a word, yes. But as awkward as it may seem, that sample may just hold the answer to the relief you’ve been looking for, and put you on a road toward a major life change. So, relax, collect, and ship!

It sure is. And we are at the forefront of it. Not only is it real, it’s just the beginning. Scientists all over the world have begun to look inside you for the answers to all sorts of ailments.

We provide you with a registered dietician who will personally walk you through your results. Why take your results to someone who doesn’t specialize in digestion? Each one of our dietitians specialize in digestive health and will help build your personal diet plan based on your exclusive results.

Yes, your microbiome is just that, YOURS. We do not share any information with any third party besides our own team who are working on getting to the bottom of your gut.

4-6 weeks. Although we will strive to get your results ASAP, we don’t want to rush the process. We take each Kit in que, and weigh each result with careful study.

Yes! We have registered dieticians who work exclusively with Digestive Center on examining and deciphering your mapped out gut flora. They will go over your results and personalize a diet based on exactly what your gut is telling them.

Lots of reasons, but mainly, for answers. Answers to questions about their digestive issues, weight gain, and chronic IBS to name a few. Mapping the microbes in your gut flora is the future of medicine that scientists all over the world have only BEGUN to scratch the surface of. Digestive Center is at the forefront of that science.