Refund Policy

We are so thrilled you are taking the plunge on this exciting journey towards restored digestive health and can’t wait for you to start enjoying the incredible effects of our products; the same effects that thousands before you have experienced. In fact, we are so confident that you are going to love the feeling of relief from your most irritating symptoms, that we instituted a 90-Day worry-free Return Policy. With this longer-than-average timeframe, you can use the next 3 months to focus completely on your own restoration. We are truly in this business to give you back complete control of your digestion and don’t want the stresses of testing out new health solutions to make you miss out on feeling amazing. That’s why our Return Policy is one of the longest out there, at 90 Days you have the opportunity to try out our products without the pressure of making a decision within a limited window of time.

Our Return Policy is simple, the 90-Day timeframe begins the day we ship your product out. You will receive a confirmation email with your package’s order and tracking number so you know the exact day your 90-day window begins. It doesn’t matter if you used the entire bottle, a fraction of it, or didn’t even unscrew the lid – we will quickly and courteously refund your account, no questions asked within those 90 days. We want you to feel comfortable and safe knowing that your happiness is the only priority we care about.

If you do find yourself seeking a refund feel free to contact our friendly team of customer service reps who will gladly guide you through the process:

800 425-2059
Toll-Free (9am – 9pm EST)

[email protected]
Email Anytime

We are in this journey together and couldn’t be happier you chose the Digestive Center as your health transformation partner.

Thank you!

The Digestive Center Fulfillment Team