What foods promote gut health?

What foods promote gut health?

If you’re worried about keeping your gut microbiome balanced, pay attention to what you eat and drink. Today we’ll tell you some foods and drinks you should consume in order to promote your gut health.


Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Yogurt is very healthy for our stomachs. But not all yogurts are created equal. You want to look out for products that have the “LAC” seal, standing for “live and active cultures”. Also, you should consume the full-fat, sugar free versions to be sure you’re ingesting all the healthy gut bacteria. This includes Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium lactis.


Miso is made from fermented soybeans along with barley or rice. It is filled with helpful enzymes and bacteria. And it can be an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians. It’s also a great probiotic option for those avoiding dairy.

The probiotic yeast found in miso has an anti-inflammatory effect. So it may be helpful with inflammatory bowel disease, too. Additionally, the fermentation process will reduce the anti-nutrients in the soya beans, making it even healthier.

This paste can be used in soups, dressings and dips, or as a marinade for tofu or salmon.


Nuts are rich in prebiotics, fiber, fats, protein, and many other nutrients that aid your digestive tract. They are a source of L-glutamine – an amino acid that helps you keep a healthy gastrointestinal lining. L-glutamine protects the cells of the GI lining called enterocytes. This can help bring you better gut health.

Here’s another fun fact. When you exercise and your glucose gets low, glutamine converts into glucose and helps you keep your energy high.


Sauerkraut, a German dish, is cabbage that is finely chopped and then fermented. It is rich in fiber, probiotics, as well as vitamins (especially B). You can buy it in most grocery and health food stores. Just be careful not to buy products that have been pickled in vinegar as they don’t have the same benefits.

You can make it at home yourself. Or there are many store-bought varieties. As an added perk, sauerkraut helps you absorb iron.

Eat it with grains, legumes or vegetables – all will be delicious.


Kimchi is a Korean meal similar to sauerkraut. It is also fermented cabbage mixed with different spices and vegetables. It is rich in probiotic bacteria, as well as fibers and vitamins.

Some studies also say that kimchi can help fight obesity, constipation, aging, and even cancer. It helps you improve your immune system, as well as brain and skin health.

Serve it with meat, eggs, or salads.


Have you ever tried fermented tea? Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea that is very easy to make at home. Beneficial probiotic bacteria along with acetic acid are created during the fermentation process. These can benefit your gut.

Just note: It can sometimes contain a small amount of alcohol(around 0.5 %), or caffeine (10-25 mg). Still, this is a powerhouse drink. So give Kombucha a try.

All in all…

If you’re ready to take your gut health into your own hands, try these foods and drinks. Your gut will thank you.

Bon apetit!

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